Sources: Shaq wants to be traded

03.10.09 9 years ago 24 Comments

Shaquille O'Neal

With the Suns on a four-game losing streak and losing ground in the hopes of even making the playoffs, you knew something like this was coming. Buried in a column about the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the L.A. Times‘ Mark Heisler drops this potential bomb:

Oh, and Shaq, who’s still broadcasting his love for Phoenix, is saying privately he wants out, upset to the highest level of upsetivity, as he once said, at almost being traded, or the team’s return to running, or both.

This was in the middle of talking about the Cavs possibly re-exploring the Shaq trade that fell through at the February deadline, and of the Suns looking to (naturally) cut costs.

Almost everybody loves Shaq, but if there’s any truth to this, he’s really starting to develop a reputation for bolting as soon as a situation gets tough for him. It’s totally understandable how, at 37, he’s strictly looking for another ring and isn’t interested in spinning his wheels for a team with no chance at winning one, but something’s got to be said for commitment. It’s not like Shaq chose to go to Phoenix, but he did tell the entire world this is where he wants to be and promised to deliver a championship.

If nothing else, though, it represents a definite shift in the way we look at Shaq. At this stage in his career he’s more prone to contender-hopping — whereas he used to be the guy who made a team into a contender.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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