SportsCenter Added An Amazing New Detail To The ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Prince Basketball Sketch

04.08.19 3 months ago

ESPN on YouTube

The Men’s Final Four ends in Minneapolis on Monday night, with Virginia and Texas Tech squaring off in a game that will end with one of those teams winning an NCAA men’s basketball championship for the first time. To celebrate the Final Four in Minnesota, ESPN teamed up with legendary music reporter Chris Connelly to produce a SportsCenter segment about the most famous Minnesota basketball story.

Well, at least it’s the most famous if you watched Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central during the early aughts. Dave Chappelle’s sketch comedy show has some classic moments, but one that’s endured is the story Charlie Murphy told about playing a pickup basketball game against Prince. If you haven’t seen the segment, it is below.

Prince acknowledged that Murphy wasn’t lying about the encounter, and he and Chappelle bonded over the sketch after it aired. And on Saturday, SportsCenter aired a segment about Prince’s basketball background, interviewing friends, a coach and even some musicians he played with over the years.

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