Watch Steph Curry Become The First Player In NBA History To Hit 400 Three-Pointers In A Season

Though Golden State’s quest for an NBA best 73 wins was the major storyline Wednesday evening — well, that and Kobe — there was another milestone in the works: 400 three-pointers for Steph Curry.

The reigning MVP needed eight threes entering the final game against the Grizzlies. That’s a tall order, but if anyone’s capable of doing it, it’s Curry. After all, Curry obliterated his own previous three-point record of 286 made shots from beyond the arc in February. The question, really, was whether Curry would get an opportunity to hit eight threes, even if he had a good night shooting. Obviously, getting 73 wins was the priority, which meant the Warriors needed to play to win, not to get Curry shots from beyond the arc (even though those two things often coincide).

But Curry’s hot start with six threes in first quarter meant the possibility of hitting eight by the time the game ended, or when he was inevitably pulled in a blowout, became far more realistic. Sure enough, Curry hit No. 400 less than a minute into the third quarter.

To celebrate Curry’s personal achievement, here are all eight of his threes against the Grizzlies:

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

As it turned out, Golden State and Curry were able to reach both milestones, and in comfortable fashion. The Warriors had 70 points at the half with no threat from the Grizzlies. Now, Curry can rest before the first round of the playoffs against the Rockets, even if it’s just for a little bit.