This Graphic Gives You A New Appreciation For Just How Sublime Steph Curry’s Season Is Going

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Steph Curry pulled another rabbit out of his hat on Saturday when he led the Warriors’ to an improbable road win over the Thunder, thanks to one of the most ridiculous game-winning shots you’ll ever see. Curry finished the 121-118 Warriors’ win with 46 points and 12 three-pointers on 16 attempts, matching the all-time record for a single game that he now shares with Donyell Marshall and Kobe Bryant.

In addition to tying the single-game mark, Curry also broke his own record for threes in a single season, and the calendar is still in February. In this infographic created by the San Francisco Chronicle, you can see just how dominant Curry has been from beyond the arc. Dominance almost feels like an understatement; his shooting supremacy has no equal in NBA history.

Prior to Curry breaking the single-season 3-point record for the first time in 2013, the previous mark was set by Ray Allen with 269 triples in the 2005-06 season, a mark which Curry has now broken on three different occasions. If Steph stays on his current projected pace, he will not only become the first player to make 300 triples in a single season, but the first to make 400.

For some context, look no further than the 2011-12 season, in which Ryan Anderson led the league with a modest — at least compared to Curry — 166 three-pointers. Before Danny Ainge made 148 triples in 1987-88 season, no player had even cracked triple digits in 3-pointers over the course of a season. And now Curry is on pace to hit 411 this year.

Regardless of whether you think older players like Oscar Robertson are right in their criticism of today’s NBA, it’s simply ludicrous to suggest that there has ever been a shooter quite like Steph Curry.

Here’s another way of looking at the same data:

(Via San Francisco Chronicle; H/T reddit)

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