Steph Curry Says The Warriors Will Lose A Game Before The Carolina Panthers Do

12.02.15 2 years ago
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There are currently two undefeated professional teams — from two different sports — that continue to find ways to win. The Carolina Panthers are 11-0 and first in the NFC South, and it looks like they’ll run the table moving forward, at least for the rest of the regular season. The Panthers have games against the Saints, Falcons, Giants and Bucs remaining before the playoffs begin.

The Golden State Warriors, on the other hand, are also undefeated, but they are winning games in historic fashion. They wrapped up the month of November without a single blemish to their record– the first undefeated month in franchise history. And they’re one of just six teams in NBA history to finish a month of at least 16 games without a loss. The NBA’s reigning MVP, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, is averaging nearly 32 points per game along with seven dimes, and he thinks the Warriors will wind up losing before the Panthers do. Curry was asked on Wednesday, which undefeated team will lose first.

“My answer to that is us [Warriors] but not until like February, hopefully, so that means the Panthers get their Super Bowl win.

As it turns out, the Panthers are Curry’s favorite NFL team. He grew up in Charlotte, and his father played guard for the Hornets for a solid decade (1988-98). Curry has been a fan ever since the franchise began in Charlotte in 1995. He attended Charlotte’s playoff game against Seahawks last year, getting into a grape-throwing match alongside teammate Draymond Green. And he was at their home opener this season. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton is expected to attend Curry’s game on Wednesday night as well.

Although the idea of the Panthers remaining undefeated and winning the Super Bowl seems unrealistic — it’s incredibly rare for NFL teams to do either — Curry compares it to how seemingly no one expected the Warriors to be undefeated heading into week six of the NBA regular season.

“Who knows?” Curry said. “Nobody thought we could start 19-0. Why not keep it going? There’s a lot of great talent in this league. We’re obviously probably not going to go 82-0, but you want to approach each game that way and see what happens.”


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