James Harden Apparently Told Steph Curry He Doesn’t Want To Play Hero Ball Anymore

02.16.19 5 months ago

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One of the most enjoyable things about All-Star Weekend in the NBA is that it allows us to watch how all these superstars interact with each other when the pressure is off and they can let their guard down a little. Practices are more of a hangout session for these guys than anything, and watching players who normally don’t show too much personality during the regular season get to be their regular selves is a treat.

The weekend has also become a place for stars to vent to one another about a style of play they feel locked into, apparently. Steph Curry was chatting with Milwaukee Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer during practice for Team Giannis on Saturday morning, and NBA TV’s mics picked up a pretty fascinating conversation between the two, with Curry relaying to Budenholzer a conversation he and Houston Rockets star James Harden had earlier in the day.

Curry said, basically, that Harden is tired of playing hero ball in Houston.

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