Steph Curry ‘Wanted To Go To New York’ In The Draft Before The Warriors Took Him

If there is one thing that all current NBA superstars can agree upon, it is that it is their solemn duty to torture fans of the New York Knicks.

The Knicks are forever seeking a savior, the superstar that will come in and lift the once proud franchise back into prominence, with the selling point being the opportunity to be a star in a market like New York and play at Madison Square Garden. Players fawn over their experience at the Garden, delightedly saying it’s their favorite arena in the league, but never sign with the team in free agency. No one is better at this than LeBron James, who just last night reaffirmed his love for playing at MSG “as a visitor,” before laughing off a question about teaming up with Bronny in New York if he’s drafted by the Knicks years from now.

However, LeBron is far from alone and on the “All The Smoke” podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Steph Curry became the latest to twist the knife in Knicks fans. Curry, famously, was taken seventh overall by the Warriors in 2009, one pick before the Knicks would’ve had the chance to take him. On the podcast, Curry told Jackson and Barnes that he was sure he was going to the Knicks and wanted to be in New York, only to get the call that he was headed to The Bay.

That obviously worked out wondrously for the Warriors and Curry, who has become an international icon, two-time MVP, and three-time NBA champion with Golden State. The Knicks, of course, have continued to wander aimlessly in the NBA wilderness, hopeful of finding a star the caliber of Curry either in the draft and free agency. Alas, the quest continues, as Curry joins a great lineage of stars that seem to find glee in making sure the world knows how much they love New York, despite there being no chance they’ll ever sign there — at least in their prime.