LeBron On If He’d Come To New York If Bronny’s Drafted By The Knicks: ‘He’s In 9th Grade, Man’

LeBron James loves playing games at Madison Square Garden, provided it is only once or twice a year as a visitor. He has famously had some big performances in the Garden and has stated, fairly regularly, how much he enjoys playing there.

He did so once again after the Lakers beat the Knicks on Wednesday night in Manhattan, calling it his “favorite arena” to play in, which is a refrain that had, for years, given hope to Knicks fans who chose to believe he might sign there in free agency. That has never been the case, as he’s chosen Miami, Cleveland, and Los Angeles as his three free agent destinations in his career, but there is, maybe, one final hope for the Knicks to bring the King to the Garden for 41+ games in a season.

That would be Bronny James, LeBron’s son who is in his freshman year at Sierra Canyon High School and has a hopeful NBA future. LeBron has spoken publicly about his desire to team up with his son in an NBA game, which means he could seek out a deal with whatever team drafts Bronny. That team could, perhaps, be the Knicks. James was asked about this exact scenario after the Lakers win and could only laugh at such a question about a hypothetical event four years in the future, noting he’s far more concerned about his son’s school projects right now than where he’ll be drafted in 2023.

We don’t know exactly what Bronny James will be as an NBA prospect, as much of that has to do with how he grows physically over the next three and a half years of high school. However, given how the Knicks are going it is honestly a fair assumption that they’ll have a high draft pick that season, so should Bronny emerge as such a talent, there is a reasonable chance they will be in position to take him.

This is, of course, ridiculously speculative, but the Knicks have lived off of wild speculation about stars joining the team for years, so why stop now?