Should Someone Send Steph Curry A Message For His Shimmy In Front Of The Hawks’ Bench?

The above shimmy by Steph Curry during Monday night’s 102-92 Warriors win in Atlanta didn’t seem like that big of a deal at the time. Sure, he was showing off a bit, but it wasn’t much different than what he’s been doing for a while now, including that scorching performance in Houston to all but end the Conference Finals last spring when he turned a court-side fan into his plaything. Steph said after Monday’s game the shimmy was directed at his former teammate and friend, Kent Bazemore, and for the most part people have dismissed this largely superficial bit of showmanship.

But sometime GQ contributor and Twitter tastemaker Myles Brown dropped this tweet on the universe during the game and people really wanted to talk about it.

Go read the responses. Some are excellent. Others, less so. But a lot of sportswriters chimed in, and it was a lesson in the positive effects of Twitter, whereby people bounce ideas and half-formed hypotheticals off their peers in an attempt to extend an idea beyond whatever connections they make on their own. The democratizing element supposedly inherent in Twitter continues to be a total farce — like American politics, it ain’t no Town Hall, and we’re not sure it ever should be — but it was a valuable discussion anyway.

That’s why we thought it was important to give DIME scribes a chance to chime in on the topic. We left the actual question pretty wide open, noting the tweet and the play itself. Was Steph’s showboating innocuous, or something that should be judged more harshly? And is going after him in a more physical way something opponents should do anyway — aside from the pride factor inherent in the question — because all other efforts to slow him down appear exhausted and largely ineffective up until this point in the season?

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