This Clip With All Of Stephen Curry’s Threes Against The Thunder Will Leave You Speechless

Stephen Curry put on, quite possibly, the greatest single-game shooting performance in the history of the NBA on Saturday night. The reigning MVP lit up the Oklahoma City Thunder during the Warroirs’ 121-118 overtime victory, going for 46 points on 14-for-24 shooting and 12-for-14 shooting from behind the arc. It tied the NBA’s record for threes in a single game, and it helped Curry break his own single-season record with 288 treys on the year.

The most amazing thing about Curry’s performance – aside from the fact that he had to leave the game for a few minutes after hurting his ankle – is that he hit threes in a bevy of ways. Sure, Curry caught and shot a few, but his ability to hit jumpers by pulling up with defenders draped all over him is something that just should not be possible. And of course, there was the final three of the game, in which Curry took the ball down the court, pulled up from way downtown (that phrase doesn’t quite do the distance justice), and hit nothing but net. It was perfect.

So yeah, take a few minutes and watch every three Curry hit during this game. A special shoutout needs to go to ESPN’s Mike Breen, who goes a little crazier with every three Curry knocks down because he knew he was watching something special.

But yeah. I’m gonna shut up now. Stephen Curry is a magician.

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