Steph Curry Is A Fan Of ‘Unbelievable’ Oklahoma Freshman Trae Young

01.04.18 2 years ago

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Steph Curry is a two-time NBA MVP and one of the league’s best players. He also happens to be the closest thing to a normal sized person of any NBA superstar and his best attribute is his shooting.

Thus, any time a smaller up-and-coming guard is a very good shooter, people tend to jump to calling them the next Steph Curry. It’s like every long, slim forward with a jumper is the next Kevin Durant and any freakishly large point-forward type is the next LeBron James. In almost none of those situations is it fair to the young player to be compared to the established star, but it happens.

So, when Oklahoma freshman Trae Young started hoisting (and making) deep threes and showing off great point guard abilities as well for the Sooners, the Curry comparisons became inevitable. However, even Curry himself can understand why it’s happening and is a big fan of the Sooners’ young star.

After the Warriors’ win over the Mavs on Wednesday night (in which Curry hit the game-winning three), he was asked about his thoughts on Young and the comparisons people are making between Young and himself. Curry offered glowing praise of the freshman and noted he understood why the comparisons exist, but did stop short of endorsing those comparisons wholly.

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