The 11-Year Old Who Mimicked Steph Curry Got To Test His Handles With Steph In Person

A few weeks ago, a video of a young Warriors’ fan named Noah Cutler (going by the Instagram handle Babybirdman3) went viral after he successfully imitated Steph Curry’s complex pregame dribbling routine on more than one occasion; he even finished it with a sweet reverse layup.

It’s impressive for anyone to have handles like that, but it’s a whole other thing for an elementary schooler to be able to pull out moves the NBA MVP is showing off to fans. It’s no wonder his video scored over 30,000 likes, and counting, on Instagram.

Cutler’s video eventually got back around to Curry, and the Golden State point guard invited the young fan to the Warriors’ game against Indiana on Friday. But Cutler didn’t just get a hi-five and some signed swag, he also got to try and match his idol on the Oracle Arena court before the game. The fifth grader did well, too, keeping pace with Curry’s two ball behind-the-back and between-the-leg dribble moves.


Curry also provided him some pearls of wisdom after the game and his signed, game-worn Under Armour Curry twos.

Curry, the Warriors and Under Armour all gave a special kid a really magical night.

Hearing the crowd cheer was humbling. Last night was a dream come true. #curryhandles #oraclearena #curry

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I think we’re all looking forward to Cutler and Curry matching up against one another during the 2026 NBA finals.