Watch An Amazing 11-Year-Old Execute Steph Curry’s Bonkers Ball-Handling To Perfection

01.12.16 2 years ago

We know that we warned you not to attempt this mind-boggling Steph Curry warmup routine at home for fear that you might injure yourself, but one particularly awesome kid out there totally made us eat our words. A few days ago, an 11-year-old Instagram user named @BabyBirdman3 posted the above video on his account, in which he proceeds to expertly reproduce a Steph Curry pre-game layup-line video that went viral recently.

The video starts out by replaying the video of Curry’s casual antics, then immediately cuts to @BabyBirdman executing the same baroque ball-handling extravaganza to perfection. The least we could do was show him some love here, and you should, too. He’s asking everyone to reshare his post and tag Curry so that he can at least get a shout-out from his favorite player.

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