Stephen A. Smith Has A Message For People Making Him Look Like A Baby Online

Via Stephen A Smith

Stephen A. Smith is a man of the people. And he knows that sometimes you have to give the people what they want, even if it’s at your own expense.

ESPN’s most talkative media personalities found himself the target of the latest Snapchat filter craze, as people took video of him talking about, well, anything and made him sound like a baby. The results, predictably, were hilarious.

Soon, everyone was making Stephen A. Baby videos.

Here’s a good highlight video of every time a baby version of Stephen A. Smith would yell “STAY OFF THE WEED.”

The Lamar Odom video, though, is by far the best. Here’s an even more babied version.

And what roundup would be complete without Baby Stephen A. facing off against Baby LaVar Ball?

Apparently people at ESPN love it, too. Baby Stephen A. even made it on Pardon the Interruption according to this tweet.

High noon was all over it, too.

But on Friday night, Smith issued a message to those who have been editing video on his behalf: cut it out.

“Y’all really need to stop with these baby face memes,” Smith said, repeating himself before breaking into laughter. Smith has the baby face filter on the video, but not the audio that fans have enjoyed making. It is also important to know that he absolutely pronounced “meme” wrong here. But at least he is on the right side of history.

“It’s funny, I gotta admit, it’s funny,” Smith said. He joked that people ask him if he has a son when they see baby Stephen.

“I don’t have a son, but I will tell you, it’s hilarious,” Smith said. “It’s funny. I’m glad everyone’s enjoying it — I know I’m enjoying it.”

It’s good to know that Smith can have a sense of humor about these things, because hearing a baby version of him yell about Kevin Durant and, honestly, just about anything has been hilarious. He’s certainly shown he has some impressive range with his rants, but it’s nice to know he can laugh about them, too.

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