ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Ranted About How Kevin Durant Has Become ‘Arrogant And Disrespectful’

05.23.17 11 months ago 14 Comments


The Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals on Monday night, sweeping the Spurs to improve to 12-0 this postseason and earn more than a week off before the start of the Finals. Kevin Durant, the biggest offseason acquisition of any team last summer, was the dominant force for the Warriors in the series, as he averaged 28 points per game in the Western Conference Finals on a 60.3/40.9/87.1 shooting split.

Durant’s play on the court is unimpeachable, but there are still plenty that question his decision to go to the Warriors and make what already was the greatest regular season team in NBA history even better. Durant feels great about his choice, but he has critics aplenty, including ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith. Smith went on a rant on Monday, prior to Game 4, about recent comments that Durant made telling fans to turn games off if they don’t like them when asked about the many blowouts this postseason.

Smith took this as an opportunity to come after Durant for a change in character in recent years, questioning why Durant has turned on the fans.

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