Stephen A. Smith Got In A Slow-Motion Shootout On ‘General Hospital’

Stephen A. Smith wears many hats at ESPN, with First Take, his own SportsCenter before NBA games, and guest appearances on seemingly every other show across the network’s lineup. As such, Smith doesn’t have an awful lot of free time, but he always makes some time for his favorite soap opera, General Hospital.

Smith turned his General Hospital fandom into a recurring role on the show as Brick, a surveillance expert who shows up every now and then to deliver some very dramatic news. On Monday, Brick’s latest appearance was even more dramatic than usual, as Stephen A. got to save the day by getting in a shootout with a bad guy.

I have no idea what the context of this scene is beyond Stephen A. showing up to apparently pick someone up and get them out of harms way, but there’s enough gratuitous slow motion in this scene to make Zack Snyder blush. Also, for some reason the bad guy gets shot at by Stephen A., ducks behind a wall, and then just kinda runs past him again to make for an easy target to get shot as if he didn’t know that was where the guy shooting at him was.

Still, I love this scene and need more action hero Stephen A. Smith. Give me a full length movie where Stephen A. is a former assassin turned sports talk radio host who ends up being dragged back into the world he left behind after a frequent caller into his show that he antagonizes kidnaps his family and he must use clues from previous calls to determine where his family is. We can call it: First Taken.