Stephen A. Smith’s Impression Of Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh Is More Terrifying Than The Real Thing

06.10.19 2 months ago

Kawhi Leonard’s journey as a Toronto Raptor, one that could potentially end Monday night with the Larry O’Brien trophy held high above his head, began with a laugh. A terrifying, possibly not-human laugh.

At his introductory press conference during Raptors media day after being traded from the San Antonio Spurs, a reporter asked Leonard what he’d like people to know about him. Leonard answered by saying “I’m a fun guy,” a phrase that has since been placed on t-shirts produced by New Balance, and finished with the now-infamous laugh that’s been looped and memed into oblivion.

Klay Thompson gave the Kawhi Laugh new life when he appeared to imitate it during a recent media availability, and now Stephen A. Smith has done the unthinkable: made Leonard’s chuckle truly horrifying. Sitting down for a chat with ESPN’s Katie Nolan, the First Take host answered a question about what Finals player he’d want to commit a crime with, and what said crime would be.

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