Stephen A. Smith Put On A Show After The Knicks Finished Third In The NBA Lottery


Zion Williamson will be a member of the New Orleans Pelicans, barring something completely unforeseen taking place between now and draft night in July.

The Pelicans stunningly won the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night, as they and the Grizzlies leapt into the top two picks, while the Knicks dropped to third, Lakers jumped to fourth, and the Cavs and Suns fell to fifth and sixth respectively. The chaos of lottery night sent fans in New Orleans into jubilation, knowing they’ll still have a fun team to watch even with an Anthony Davis trade looming.

It also left Knicks fans in a pit of despair once again, along with other plenty of other fan bases — including the Hawks, who were one number away from landing the top pick and Zion seemed to maybe want to go to Atlanta. Knicks fans though, who have had horrid draft lottery luck since 1985, were in the worst place and no one was louder in their disappointment than Stephen A. Smith, who went on Get Up! on Wednesday morning and put on an absolute show.

It’s a tremendous performance from Stephen A., who seeks anyone to blame and doesn’t want to hear about R.J. Barrett right now. As a New Yorker, Smith wanted the Knicks to be relevant not just because he is a fan, but because he wants a reason to cover games at Madison Square Garden. He may still get that if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant land there, but landing the top pick would have assured ESPN of sending him on some assignments at home, whether they succeed in free agency or not.

I must say, though, while you have to feel for Knicks fans and Stephen A., this is, truly, tremendous content.