Stephen Curry Celebrated Biden’s Inauguration With A Pair Of The POTUS Shoes He Gave Obama

Wednesday was a pretty big day in the United States as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially took office in Washington D.C., and there were some who celebrated the occasion by breaking out some very special sneakers.

At the inauguration, Harris’ nephew-in-law, Nikolas Ajagu, went viral as he donned a pair of the ultra-rare Dior Jordan 1s, setting the internet ablaze, but he wasn’t alone in busting out a pair of unique sneakers. Out in the Bay, Stephen Curry put aside his most recent Curry Flow 8s to bring back a pair of very special Under Armour Curry 3s from way back in 2017 that were made to honor Barack Obama’s two terms in office (and his back-to-back MVPs).

Only he and Obama got a pair, as they had the presidential seal on the tongue and Obama’s signature on the outsole, and given the events of the day, it just felt right to Steph that he bring them back out to the floor for warmups ahead of Warriors-Spurs at the Chase Center.

It’s a cool nod from Curry and also a nice little flex in the form of a reminder that he and Obama collaborated on a special sneaker just for themselves. A number of NBA players voiced their thoughts and excitement as Biden took office on Wednesday afternoon, but no one could quite match the on-court recognition from Curry.