Steph Curry Laughed At The Press For Making His Guaranteed Win Over The Thunder A Story

01.30.16 3 years ago

“It’ll be a good 48 hours – a win and a win.”

Stephen Curry ruffled some feathers last week when he got to talking about his hometown Carolina Panthers playing in the Super Bowl the night after playing the Oklahoma City Thunder. While some people took offense to his confidence in getting the win against the Thunder before watching the Panthers take down the Broncos, Curry knows what’s really up.

Here’s the reigning MVP courtesy of the Bay Area News Group’s Diamond Leung:

“It’s more comical for me because any comments you make are going to get amplified and what have you, so it is what it is,” Curry said of the comment being blown up. “People who know me and know what I’m about know that I’m not the guy out there talking a big game. It’s more what I do on the floor.

“Obviously we want to get a win on Saturday, and obviously I want the (Panthers) to win on Sunday,” Curry said, referring to the Oklahoma City game. “If that means whatever, I’m comfortable with that because I’m going to go out and play hard that night and try to get a win against a good OKC team when that comes around. It’s a different experience (with the comment being blown up) but a learning experience for sure.”

Curry knows how modern media works, and we should all be terrified about that. This is not a good development for reporters.

Steph’s creative. Steph’s funny. If there’s anyone in the league that has the capability of playing the press, it’ll be Curry. He sees how fast things can get blown up and taken out of context, and if you don’t think he’s got a few more one-liners up his sleeve that will send reporters on reactionary wild goose chases, you’re crazy.

Way to go everyone, we’ve really done it this time.

(via San Jose Mercury News)

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