Steph Curry Cooks LeBron James With His Handles In Game 2 of the NBA Finals

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Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving is pretty much universally hailed for having the best handles in the entire NBA. Irving can slice up defenders with his crossover and is also able to leave a defender stupefied with a quick spin move. But while Irving’s dribbling wizardry is indeed magically, Warriors superstar Stephen Curry’s handles are also quite impressive. A fact that LeBron James found out in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday.

Switched onto Curry in transition, James valiantly tried to stay in front of the Warriors All-Star. While James is an excellent defender in his own right, he was no match for Curry in an extended isolation situation on this third quarter possession.

Using his quickness and handles, Curry put James on skates with a series of crossovers and quick moves that allowed him to get to the rim for a layup.

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Curry took LeBron off the bounce 1v1… 👀

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Besides for faltering at the very least once, James actually does a decent job of staying in front of Curry. He is even somewhat close to Curry at the end and tries to block the Warriors All-Star’s shot at the rim. But alas for the Cavs, Curry’s fast-paced dribbling exhibition was just too much for James to handle.

James may be one of the greatest players of all time but even he can’t slow down Curry’s offensive magic.