Stephen Curry Thinks The Warriors Just Need To Be Themselves To Beat Cleveland

06.03.17 1 year ago

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Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are in a good place in the NBA Finals. They’re three wins from a title and they dominated the first game of their third straight Finals appearance against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Curry, in fact, says the Warriors don’t have to change a thing as the series moves forward. While Cleveland has to tighten up defensively and try to find a way to keep pace with Kevin Durant and the Golden State offense, Curry says consistency is key for the Warriors.

Curry spoke to the Associated Press and said the approach for Golden State after a Game 1 blowout is simple: just keep playing Warriors basketball.

“We were really, really good in that department at just being ourselves, playing Warriors basketball, knowing that there’s a lot of talent out on the floor,” said Curry, who had 28 points and 10 assists. “And that’s our best effort to win this championship, is just be ourselves.”

It may sound like simple common sense, but it’s a good point—Golden State doesn’t have to adjust to what Cleveland is doing at this point. Even with LeBron James putting up good performances, the Cavaliers didn’t show they can match the pace of Golden State’s offense in Game 1. Until they are challenged in a meaningful way, all they have to do is keep running their game.

Curry has said before the Golden State’s goal is to stop LeBron and the Cavaliers from having fun, and they’ve done exactly that so far. Through one game, it’s Curry that’s high-stepping after made threes while Cleveland is left wondering if they can find a way to catch up to the pace of the dance.

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