Stephen Jackson Says He Deserves Andre Roberson’s Spot On The Thunder

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Andre Roberson is now a very wealthy man with a bit of job security, but his reputation has taken some considerable hits this week. Now, he has a BIG3 player saying he deserves his roster spot.

Roberson was called out by Stephen Jackson on Sunday at the BIG3 event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jackson said he should have his spot in the Thunder lineup and can be more effective.

Jackson is pointing out Roberson’s poor free throw shooting in the playoffs. It got so bad that the Houston Rockets intentionally fouled him during a long stretch of Game 4 in their first round series. As Roberson clunked free throws, the Rockets bench was visibly making fun of him, though Russell Westbrook later defended his teammate. Clearly, the Thunder value him as a player, hence the new deal, but it’s definitely an aspect of his game he must improve.

It’s another blow in a bad week for Roberson that started with good news in the way of a three-year, $30 million contract with Oklahoma City. Firs,t there was the tipping scandal, or lack thereof. Roberson was accused of being a poor tipper after he ordered a bottle from a restaurant and the bartender called him out for a $13 dollar tip on a $500 bill.

Roberson defended himself on Twitter, but even his teammates got on him about tipping better. Perhaps Roberson will defend himself against Jackson on social media, but he already has the high ground—Roberson will play for the Thunder this fall, while Jackson hasn’t been on an NBA team since 2014.