Stephen Jackson Says D’Angelo Russell And Julius Randle Shouldn’t Listen To Byron Scott

Julius Randle is upset with inconsistent playing time. So is D’Angelo Russell, who also has concerns about the offense. What are two young talents to do when their coach is a stubborn hardhead who refuses to adapt to modern times? According to Stephen Jackson, they should just tune him out.

During an appearance on 120 Sports, Jackson was asked for his reaction to Byron Scott saying Randle needed to grow up. His response was pure gold, telling Randle and Russell they simply shouldn’t listen to Scott and that their coach is the “worst communicator for young guys.” Jackson’s comments just add to the pile of mounting evidence that Scott simply isn’t the right coach for this team (or maybe any team, for that matter).

Kobe Bryant continues to jack poor and/or contested shots from all over the court, though he’s gotten better, while Scott looks on admiringly all the while. The very second one of his younger players makes even the smallest mistake, however, he’ll bench them. Perhaps he thinks this is “tough love,” but really, he just comes off as a jerk.

Jackson’s suggested mutiny is probably a step too far, though. Luckily for Randle and Russell, there’s a very, very low possibility that Scott returns as the bench as a head coach next year. So, maybe the more appropriate advice would be for them to just stick it out for four more months, then hold a big party once his departure is confirmed.

(Via @120Sports; H/T BDL and NBC Sports)