The Young Lakers Refute Byron Scott’s Claim That They Played ‘Scared’ Against The Thunder

Oh, good, Byron Scott is senselessly calling out his players again. After a brutal 118-78 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder – a loss in which Kobe Bryant did not play – Scott ripped into his team, saying they played scared.

Naturally, the Lakers didn’t take too kindly to their coach’s remarks.

This pretty much perfectly sums up the state of the Lakers right now. They’re coached by a man no player likes, whose philosophy is a maddening mix of ineptitude and stubbornness. He admonishes his players for shots that Bryant takes regularly, saying Bryant has earned the right to do so, somehow not realizing how idiotic that sounds. His managerial style seems to be one of admonishment, which is just great for a young, developing team.

Honestly, Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell should be given medals for their bravery and saint-like tolerance. It’s remarkable that they haven’t cracked yet under the pressure of Scott’s ridiculous, antiquated coaching style. Maybe they see the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of this summer, when it would be nothing less than apocalyptically shocking if the Lakers didn’t fire Scott.