Steve Kerr Won’t Be Fined For His Accidental Tweet Criticizing Officials

02.03.18 1 year ago

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Steve Kerr didn’t want to publicly criticize officials on Twitter, but despite the fact that he accidentally did, it seems the NBA won’t be punishing him for his quickly-deleted critique.

An ESPN report indicated that the Golden State Warriors head coach won’t be fined for his tweet about officiating and Houston’s James Harden after Kerr admitted that he didn’t mean to publicly call a non-travel call “ridiculous” on Twitter.

The incident happened after a video highlight of Harden appeared on Twitter. Kerr responded to the tweet, calling it “embarrassing” and saying that the league should be calling turnovers on plays like that. He posited that instead of blowing the whistle, the league ignores the infractions in an effort to increase scoring.

Kerr explained on Friday that it wasn’t meant to be a public tweet, which is probably why he used such harsh language.

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