Steve Nash’s New Social Networking Site

07.28.09 9 years ago 19 Comments

Steve Nash

Steve Nash is in the process of promoting his newest business, a social networking website for athletes. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think his project will be a hit.

This was taken from his Twitter feed this morning:

“on the road in nyc promoting my great new sports social networking platform designed to make you better. check it out:”

After some exploring, it is indeed a nicely designed social networking website but it is practically a Facebook replica. The site doesn’t bring anything that Facebook doesn’t or can’t provide for its users besides the network being targeted towards athletes. I can’t see this website becoming a success unless Nash could get all of his athlete friends to sign up and make an account.

Even with a beg from Nash, I don’t see that happening as most athletes who use the internet are already on Twitter which is the simplest social networking platform available. Everyone would love to be the brains behind the next Facebook or Twitter, but not many ever will.

Do you guys have any ideas for the next hit social networking website?

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