NBA Players Love Supreme, Even If The League Doesn’t Want Its Gear On The Court

12.15.17 2 years ago

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Supreme is a hot word on the lips of many in the NBA these days, but for some the brand has seemingly come out of nowhere. When Kelly Oubre Jr. sported a Supreme shooting sleeve made by Nike on Tuesday night, a certain subset of NBA fans on social media freaked out.

Many were perplexed by the look, or why he was asked to remove it and spoke out against the absurdity of his wardrobe change after the game. But the skateboarding company that was founded in 1994 is much bigger than a brand that’s a hot commodity these days. In fact, the ridiculous lengths people go to get Supreme gear is a peek into the high-stakes world of fashion that’s lingering just below the surface of life in the NBA.

J.R. Smith was also spotted in a Supreme shooting sleeve on Thursday night when the Cavaliers hosted Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers. Once again, while many were focused on LeBron giving secret advice to Ball after the game, a huge portion of NBA Twitter was raving about Smith breaking out the Supreme X Nike gear in live NBA action. But why?

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