Kelly Oubre Jr. Doesn’t Understand Why The NBA Made Him Take Off His Supreme Shooting Sleeve

12.13.17 1 year ago

Getty Image

Kelly Oubre Jr. just wants to look his best, is that too much to ask? It is if you’re NBA officials and see the Washington Wizards guard wearing a Supreme leg sleeve during game on Tuesday night.

Oubre broke out the Supreme X Nike shooting sleeve on Tuesday night in a game in Brooklyn against the Nets, and he turned some heads online. But it also appears that he also made waves with some NBA league officials, as word trickled down to Oubre that he had to change the sleeve he wore on his right leg back to something more plain.

Here’s the sleeve he wore that fans recognized from the Supreme collection earlier in the game.

Afterward, Ourbe explained that trainers told him someone from the league said he needed to take it off.

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