The Most Depressing E-Mail Ever

03.19.09 10 years ago 33 Comments

As I’ve said before, the first day of the NCAA Tournament is my favorite day of the year. Unfortunately, it seems some people just don’t understand. Yesterday I got the most depressing e-mail ever from one of my buddies. I seriously almost wanted to cry. I don’t want to get him in trouble, but this is all he had to say: “I am assuming Dime doesn’t send out emails like this…”

March Madness Awareness

The purpose of this communication is to remind all employees of our standards of conduct regarding usage of Company systems and technical resources.

In years past, during “March Madness” the Company has experienced significant delays with certain applications. Investigations by our support team discovered that the primary issue was heavy network congestion due to non-work related activity (streaming audio and video). We are all aware of the intensity of interest in “March Madness” and the fact that today’s technology allows individuals to view the NCAA basketball playoffs live via streaming audio and video. However, usage of these services to view games during working hours can result in a substantial degradation of network services which can negatively impact critical Company business functions.

Company standards of conduct allow for a modest level of Internet use at times of day that minimize impact on essential business activities. We ask that you refrain from using Company systems to access streaming audio and video that are not business related to help ensure there are no negative impacts on Company business functions.

Your consideration of the impact on our customers and fellow employees is greatly appreciated.


Is your workplace like this? Where are you watching the games today?

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