The Toronto Raptors Answer Dime Readers’ Questions

01.29.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

Yesterday morning, Dime gave all our loyal readers a chance to ask questions to some of their favorite players on the Raptors. There were some awesome submissions and this is definitely something we can do again at some point this season. As promised, I was able to fire away some of your guys’ questions before the game last night.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ask everything, but tried to get in as many as possible. Some of the best questions were addressed to DeMar DeRozan, but the high-flying rookie was back in Toronto nursing an ankle injury. As for the Knicks side, none of the players you guys wanted to talk to were hanging out in the locker room (i.e. Nate Robinson and Danilo Gallinari). But I will definitely try again, because I really wanted to ask Gallo the question submitted by ProphetGK: “Do you sing any other Beyonce songs?”

Anyway, here are the responses…

Jarrett Jack
List your top 3 favorite foods, movies, and albums if you were stranded on a island alone for one year – bobby stew
JJ: My favorite foods? My mom’s mac and cheese. My dad’s catfish and my grilled cheese. As for music, The Black Album. Tupac…All Eyez on Me. And Ready to Die.

what are you favorite hang outs in Toronto? favorite clubs?- haslem
JJ: This place called Otilia that’s cool. It’s a club. The only other place I hang out is the Air Canada Centre (laughs).

How far do you see Georgia Tech going in the tourney this year? – POPPI GEE
JJ: I think they can go at least to the Sweet 16. At least…that would be a bad year.

Which teamate has the weirdest pre game ritual? – zbo
JJ: Weirdest pregame ritual? Hedo Turkoglu, he warms up in all of his clothes. Never seen that in my life.

Chris Bosh
Will other factors like weather and night life go into where you decide to play next year? If so what are some of them? – POPPI GEE
CB: I ain’t answering any 2010 questions, I stopped that.

Sonny Weems
Who on the team has the funniest nickname on or off the court? – kdeezy
SW: Coach English calls Amir “Pookie.” Coach English calles him “Pookie” or “J.R.” depending on how he plays.

what are you favorite hang outs in Toronto? favorite clubs?- haslem
SW: My condo. That’s my favorite hang out spot.

Which teamate has the weirdest pre game ritual? – zbo
SW: I don’t know. I haven’t really paid attention to anybody’s pregame ritual. Nobody has any weird habits – or any that I know of.

Marcus Banks
Ask the Raps if any of them are tight with Drake since he’s at a lot of their home games – maddskizzle
MB: Naw, everybody’s pretty cool with him. We all know him, say what’s up. Sometimes we see him at dinner and stuff like that.

Andrea Bargnani
Do you feel like, if given the chance, you could be a franchise player? – ProphetGK
AB: I don’t really think about that. I just try to think about right now. We’re a on a good team, and we just focus on playing good basketball.

also ask if they knew each other back in italy – Heckler
AB: I’ve known him for a couple of years. But we’ve never played together because he was too young and he was injured last year. But he’s paying so well right now.

in a game of one-on-one, who would win Gallinari or Bargnani? – Heckler
AB: That’s a nice question. I think we need to play each other one-on-one to find out (laughs).

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