The Thunder’s GM Explains Why Fans Should ‘Feel Grateful’ To Kevin Durant

07.05.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Sports fans in Oklahoma City are caught up in their feelings today, and they will be for an indefinite amount of time going forward. You would be, too: Kevin Durant is gone, all seven feet of him on the ground floor of the rival Golden State Warriors’ battleship, and the Thunder got nothing in return for him.

Thunder general manager Sam Presti is certainly atop the list of those who you might expect to feel the most heated. No one feels the sting of Durant’s departure with quite the level of professional weight that Presti does, and he faces one of the steeper challenges of the modern NBA landscape in trying to move on from this loss. Presti seems to have skipped straight to nostalgic revery for the KD era, offering this poignant bit of soliloquy in an emergency 4th of July press conference.

Presti has little time for poetry in his task of rebuilding this roster, though. Up next is Russell Westbrook, a superstar who unearths the moxie of Oklahoma in a much different way than Durant did, and one who faces his free agency period a year from now. Presti has between now and then to figure out that ticking time bomb.

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