Two Thunder Fans Got Into It After One Of Them Labeled Kevin Durant A Traitor

07.05.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Here are some people arguing about Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City. Mostly, though, here is a man standing in protest of Durant’s departure for the Golden State Warriors, with the word “TRAITOR” pasted over Durant’s name on his No. 35 jersey.

The gentleman is holding a sign with unclever profanity about the star in his hands while a woman yells at him. In his own personal defense, the man at one point says he “[doesn’t] idolize anyone,” but clearly he has made an idol of KD at some point in the recent past – or he would likely not be standing at the side of traffic with this jilted expression.

The woman yelling at the man says a number of things, but her thesis on the whole is that Durant “is a grown man” and “put [OKC] on the map.” Both of those things were true, but neither of them means fans aren’t as entitled to their fan opinions as Durant is to his own choices about career and geography.

Like LeBron James before him, Durant has made a decision that inspires all kinds of stupid rhetoric, with the upset and the ebullient both telling each other they are somehow acting outside of their rights in their particular tizzy over an NBA superstar. Get used to these kinds of conversations! If it’s anything like LeBron’s “Decision” a few years ago, we’re in for a lot more of this.

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