The Thunder Proposed Sending George And Westbrook To Toronto As A Leverage Play Against The Clippers

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The Oklahoma City Thunder were, for a few hours, the most powerful team in the NBA. While they eventually traded Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers to help convince Kawhi Leonard to sign a deal with the team, a new piece by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN shows that the Thunder had the potential to do more.

Woj reported that the Thunder, knowing the situation they found themselves in, had the Clippers and the Toronto Raptors bidding against one another to trade for George and, as such, get Leonard’s signature, as the reigning NBA Finals MVP “believed George represented the co-star that he needed to combat” the Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams knew the stakes, and as such, pushed their chips to the center of the table.

While the Clippers ended up winning out — their war chest of picks and players may have been the best in the league — the Raptors were presented the opportunity to acquire both of the Thunder’s All-Stars … kind of.

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