LeBron Wished The Lakers Had A Championship Parade Because He Would Have Been ‘Walking Beautifully’ Like Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been through a whole lot of championship celebrations in his decorated career. Thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 31-9 win in the Super Bowl over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Brady got to participate in his seventh ceremony, and he made the most of it by getting so drunk that he needed someone to help him stand upright.

Everyone who has ever, uh, gone outside has seen someone get to this level of belligerence, and you know that it requires a serious commitment to consuming as much booze as possible along with skipping lunch or something. As for what caused this, Brady took to Twitter to explain, and as it turns out, it was not “I stood next to Rob Gronkowski while he was partying,” which is what I assumed the answer would be.

It is very easy to envy Brady here because not a lot of people have gotten to have A Good Time lately due to the whole COVID-19 pandemic thing, but one person is particularly envious. LeBron James took to Twitter and claimed that if the Los Angeles Lakers were able to hold a parade after winning a ring last year, he would have done one heck of a Brady impression.

The Lakers were unable to have a parade due to the pandemic, and while they are apparently looking at other ways to celebrate it like bringing back the traditional trip to the White House, it is unfortunate that we missed out on Bombed LeBron James.