Tony Allen Will Miss Game 5 Against The Warriors With A Hamstring Injury

Tony Allen
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Bad news, Grind-followers. Grizzlies defensive specialist Tony Allen has been ruled out of Game 5 tonight against the Warriors with a hamstring injury.

The self-proclaimed First Team All-Defense shooting guard has been a big reason why Memphis was able to stymie the Splash Brothers in Games 2 and 3, but a key adjustment by Steve Kerr exploited the Grindfather’s number one weakness, i.e. the fact that Allen is a “shooting” guard in name only.

Andrew Bogut got the defensive assignment against Allen in Game 4 and successfully baited him into taking – and subsequently missing – wide-open jump shots. That, coupled with a breakout performance from MVP Steph Curry, not to mention the Warriors’ all-around suffocating defensive pressure, resulted in a blowout win for Golden State.

Game 5 tips off at Oracle Arena at 10:30 PM ET on TNT.

(Rob Fischer)