Tory Lanez Thinks It’s ‘Remarkable’ The Run LeBron James Is On In Year 17

Welcome to Seven Questions or Less, a series on Dime in which we ask people from the world of music to talk about their basketball fandom. Recently we sat down with Tory Lanez in Chicago during All-Star Weekend before his performance on the ROOF at theWit as part of the REVOLT House. The talented Canadian MC is still celebrating his CHIXTAPE 5, and takes time to check in on his favorite player LeBron James.

1.) What’s your favorite basketball memory of all time?

The time that Jordan crossed A.I. and made the point on him, and then A.I. came back and crossed him, made the point on him. That was a big moment for me.

2.) Who was your favorite player growing up and why?

Growing up, my favorite player was Penny Hardaway. Penny Hardaway was my favorite player because number one, I lived in Orlando at the time and he was just this guy who was just hard, bro. I don’t know why. He was just really good too. You know what I’m saying? I really had wild love for Penny Hardaway. And then I moved to Toronto it became Vince Carter, and on and on. My favorite player now is LeBron.

3.) Who’s the biggest villain in your basketball story? The guy you love to hate the most?

I think hate is a strong word, but I always feel like, “Damn, we might lose” whenever Steph Curry comes around. It’s like, “Oh f*ck, we might lose.” That’s the only guy. Damn, we might lose if this guy comes on the court. He’s not a rival. I love to see him win though. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. When he starts throwing all those random threes out of nowhere, he got me tight. I’ll be losing my bet.

4.) What’s the most memorable game you’ve ever been to?

The most memorable game I’ve ever been to … I’ve only been to a few, but I think it was definitely Game 5 in Toronto when they won. I’m from Toronto originally, so that was a big moment for me. That’s the moment that I thought, “Sh*t. This is happening.” I also performed at that halftime show, so I became a part of that Championship. I’ll never forget that.

Did you call for your ring?

I should. Right?

5.) What do you think of the Lakers, this season and LeBron and what he’s been able to do? And then secondly, what do you think of what the Raptors had been able to do this year?

I’m going to be a buck. I haven’t paid too much attention to what the Raptors are doing. Because you know, I’m a LeBron fan, so I’ll kind of going on the Lakers. I just think it’s, really remarkable, like what LeBron’s doing progressively. And the fact that, I think last year, that was the moment when everybody was like, ‘I think this is going to be the start of the down.’ And he’s just was like, ‘No, it’s start of the up.’ Like, it’s going crazier than he’s ever been going. And I think it’s truly remarkable to see somebody do that years and years later. And I just think it’s very important just out of love and respect for Kobe, that they just go very hard you see, and take that home. You know?

6.) What’s the most surreal moment you’ve experienced with a current or former player?

One time I snuck into LIV behind LeBron. That was great. Yeah. Incredible. I got in, got in lovely, it was 2013 and they was not about to let me in, they didn’t even know who I was, cuz. Seeing LeBron, he’s walking in and I could just walk by them. I was blessed at that point. But that’s the whole situation.

7.) And then with regards to the Lakers, who you’re keeping up with now, who do you think is the most important player for that franchise in history?

For the Lakers, Kobe Bryant of course, with all love and in due respect to Shaq. Kobe, you know, Kobe is Kobe. He never left while going, stayed there, never switched teams. You know I was playing NBA Hangtime on that N64, still on the same team. You know at NBA 2K18, still on the same team. So that’s, that.