A Brief Explanation Why Tracy McGrady Got His Number Retired In China

After his stellar career in the NBA, Tracy McGrady transitioned to China to continue playing the game he loves and make a little money, as well. From the moment T-Mac stepped off the plane, the people of China have expressed their overwhelming adoration for the former NBA All-Star. McGrady played so well on the other side of the world, the Chinese Basketball Association recently retired his number.

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McGrady’s lack of playoff success turned him into a cult hero of sorts. He was arguably a top-five player for a significant stretch during the 2000s, including his 2002-03 campaign, which is one of the best individual seasons of all-time. But whether it was injuries or poor team construction, T-Mac could never find the playoff success he so richly deserved. We blame his surrounding team.

His dynamic playing style not only resonated with fans in the United States, but across the globe. It’s not surprising T-Mac garnered such a visceral reaction from fans in China, considering they watched him team for years with native son, Yao Ming.