Trae Young And The Atlanta Hawks Want To Keep Building

02.16.19 3 months ago

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CHARLOTTE — Trae Young sees the bigger picture. The rookie guard out of Oklahoma is part of an Atlanta Hawks squad that has plans to be great, one that revolves largely out of the No. 5 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. To the untrained eye, of course, it might not be obvious when you see that the Hawks sit at 19-39, eight games back of a postseason spot at the NBA’s All-Star Break.

Young is not someone who likes losing, but even though his team has caught a whole lot of Ls this season, college basketball’s most recent consensus All-American understands there’s a plan in place … even if it goes against his natural tendencies toward losses.

“I’ll never agree and say that losing is okay, and that losing feels okay and feels alright cause that’s just not in my DNA,” Young told Dime at the adidas NBA All-Star suite. “But at the same time, we all know the process and the plan of what we need to do and what we’re all together here to do, so we just really focus on that and focus on the end goal. Like I said, how to get better each day and help win championships.”

It helps that Atlanta, Young says, makes it a point to lay out the road map “a lot.” Building together, working together, and getting better together is something the Hawks preach, and in a way, there is not a player on the roster who better represents this than Young.

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