A Fox Sports Announcer Seriously Thinks Saskatchewan Is Named After The Many Sasquatch Who Live There

Here’s a fun fact about Utah Jazz baller Trey Lyles: He’s the first ever player from Saskatoon (that’s in Saskatchewan, Canada) to play in the NBA. Here’s a fun fact about Fox News broadcaster Jeff Wade: He thinks that the region is named for its preponderance of Sasquatches. Here’s a fun fact about Sasquatches: They probably don’t exist, so it’s unlikely an entire region is named after them.

What’s best about Wade, whose voice you hear in the video above (from Tuesday night’s game), is how incredibly serious he is about the fact that Canada would straight-up name an area due to the large amount of mythical creatures who live there. It’s a magical place, to be sure, with money that may smell like maple syrup (the government says it doesn’t), where putting that same syrup on a stick covered with snow is actually considered a snack, and where local government demands residents get more D; but even our friends to the north would draw the line at naming a place after things that probably aren’t real. (We want to believe.)

Here’s exactly what Wade said:

Wow, that’s an impressive NBA fact right there,” Wade said. “Of course, that region (is) known for being home to a lot of sasquatches.”

“Saskatchewan?” asked the other announcer in apparent bewilderment.

“Yes,” Wade replied. “That’s what it’s named after.”

Wade was quickly corrected by his fellow announcer, but just like most people who don’t like to be corrected, CTV News reports he indignantly told his colleague to “look it up.” You’ve got to admire his commitment, if not his dedication to the truth.