Watch A Couple Get Chased By A Fabulous Sasquatch In The Drums’ Music Video ‘There Is Nothing Left’

The Drums‘ latest music video starts out the way you’d expect. The sunshine-y indie-pop track “There Is Nothing Left” is accompanied by a suitably twee and woodsy date. But things quickly go pear-shaped when Sasquatch decides to join the picnic.

The rest of the video is a whiplash-inducing series of twists that I won’t spoil here; let’s just say it’s worth watching all the way to the end.

Drums’ member Jonny Pierce had this to say about the video to Pitchfork:

“I fell completely in love with these directors and their whole cinematic aesthetic but I really was not in the mood to be filmed. I go through seasons of being incredibly shy and self conscious and then out of nowhere I’ll get a tidal wave of confidence and immediately make a fool out of myself and everyone in my band. Lucky for all of us, I was in shy-mode and so I spent my time casting for the video. No one seemed too exciting to me, and then my friend Ioanna Gika called me and asked me to join her for a late night drink in L.A. When I got there Hari [Nef] was sitting at the table and was radiating. I was immediately struck with her aura. I fell in love immediately and the next morning asked her to star in this video. She said yes right away. She’s a punk and also completely relatable with a strong sense of self and a smile to crack the earth in half. I’m sure she’s rolling her eyes reading this right now. We’ve always tried to work with people who are everyday- in their own way- nudging the world towards being a more accepting place to live.”

Nef also shared her experience working on the video:

“Jonny Pierce was the third person I met in Los Angeles when I moved here for the summer in late June. I found him funny, magnetic, stylish, and easy to talk to. I was not surprised when I found out that he was a rock star. When he asked me to feature in the next video for The Drums, I was surprised. I had never envisioned myself as the ingenue of a romantic comedy–even a romantic comedy gone wrong. I related to the video’s notion of embodying cliches in order to break them. Filming was a treat!”

“There Is Nothing Left” comes from Encyclopedia, their latest album on Minor Records.

(Via Pitchfork)

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