Tweet Battles: Who’s The Real Superman?

05.25.10 9 years ago 26 Comments

The Shaq vs. Dwight battles continue, even off the court. Now our question is: Whom would you rather follow on Twitter, Shaq or Dwight?

While Shaq may be the old-school version of Superman, everything about his Twitter game is new school. For starters, Shaq is hilarious. It seems that no matter how old Shaq gets, his comedy seems to never grow old. Following Shaq offers a variety of different things. Whether it’s him talking trash to an opposing player, or posting funny visuals like when he tweeted “What would Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy‘s baby look like (” Shaq not only interacts with his followers via replies, but he also entertains them.


Dwight may be the new-school version of Superman, but when it comes to tweeting, Dwight seems to have an old school approach. Although Dwight tweets way more often then Shaq, (Dwight’s 8,782 tweets in counting vs. Shaq’s 2,960) most of Dwight’s tweets seems to only promote his other endeavors and ventures. With that being said, he does post great visual content and links to different things that he’s involved with.

Now I love Dwight, but when it comes to Twitter, to me Shaq takes the crown.

What do you think? Shaq or Dwight?

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