Two schedule changes could turn Chicago into a dynasty

07.03.10 9 years ago 34 Comments

Who knew scouring another man’s day-planner could become so interesting? Thanks to a couple of (on the surface) small schedule changes, it’s now looking like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh may be vying for just two open spots in Chicago … LeBron was supposed to meet with the Bulls and Cavs today, in that order, but reportedly switched it around to where he’ll meet with Cleveland in the morning and then Chicago. And as anybody who follows college recruiting knows, the team that gets the last visit typically has an edge. Meanwhile, D-Wade scheduled a second meeting with the Bulls on Friday, after having already met with them on Thursday. Bosh has been staying in Chicago throughout this early stage of free agency, so are we looking at a scenario where all three superstars have the Bulls on top of their wish list? Too bad Chicago can’t sign three max guys, otherwise a lineup of Derrick Rose, Wade, LeBron, Bosh and Joakim Noah would just be insane. Hell, you could run that first four and put Cherokee Parks at center and they’d still be nasty … If you missed it late-Thursday night, Bosh posted the above photo on his Twitter page, along with the message: “Just had dinner w @dwadeofficial. Great way to end day 1 of #freeagency although it feels like someone is missing.” We’re thinking he wasn’t referring to Jannero Pargo … Also, Bosh has been bringing a camera crew to his free-agency meetings. He’s being filmed for a documentary … According to some sources, the Knicks didn’t impress LeBron too much in their meeting because they mainly focused on how much money he would make in New York instead of whether they can put a championship team around him. Which makes sense; it’s not like they have a roster right now, and they can’t exactly sell him on the idea that Wilson Chandler is a Scottie Pippen clone waiting to break out … But the Knicks are supposedly very close to landing Amar’e Stoudemire with a five-year, $100 million offer. This was after Amar’e turned down $96 million from the Suns. (Phoenix responded by grabbing Hakim Warrick for $18 million over four years.) It seems most people think NY is overpaying for a guy who’s a scoring power forward that doesn’t give you as much as you want rebounding and defending. What do you think? … You hear about “negative recruiting” when high school kids are talking to college programs, and you assume NBA teams do the same. If you’re trying to talk, say, LeBron, Wade and/or Bosh out of signing with Miami, don’t you have to bring up the likelihood that their girls or ex-girls will wind up on “Basketball Wives” putting their business in the street? … Paul Pierce is staying in Boston for a reported $61 million over four years. That’s a pay cut from the $21.5M per he was making, but Pierce wanted to give the C’s room to construct another contending team. With Pierce and Doc on board, now the C’s turn their attention to Ray Allen, but they have other holes to fill as well. Their summer is far from over … The Lakers addressed their PG situation, agreeing to a four-year, $16 million deal with Steve Blake. In what was a pretty weak class of point guards, Blake was near the top of the list. Do you think he can push Derek Fisher for the starting job? … Julian Wright may have just written his ticket out of New Orleans. New coach Monty Williams wants the perma-project Wright to play in the summer league, but Wright is refusing. “It’s something that will tell me a lot about his approach,” Williams told the New Orleans Times-Picayune … If you remember, Spencer Hawes blew off Paul Westphal‘s request to play summer league last year, and the Kings promptly benched him when the season started and traded him afterward. Considering the Hornets picked up a promising small forward in Quincy Pondexter at the Draft, Wright might be out of there ASAP … Did you see the end of the Ghana/Uruguay match at the World Cup? Ghana went into it under CRAZY pressure, being the only African team still standing in the elimination round. At the end of regulation it was tied 1-1, and with literally a couple of seconds left in overtime, Ghana’s best player was awarded a penalty kick. So essentially you’ve got your top guy taking a game-winning free throw with zeroes on the clock. Money, right? Nope. He missed it. So then it went to best-of-five penalty kicks, where Uruguay got the win. Crushing loss for Ghana, and that guy is now like Nick Anderson times 100,000 in his country … We’re out like Julian …

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