USA Basketball Reportedly ‘Will Not Consider’ Adding Carmelo Anthony To The World Cup Roster

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Carmelo Anthony needs a place to play basketball. USA Basketball could use some help as it looks to finalize its roster for this summer’s World Cup. Put those two things together, and add that Anthony is the most decorated international basketball player in American history, and it makes sense why some are calling for the future Hall of Fame forward to get a call to suit up in the red, white, and blue.

There’s just one problem: It does not sound like USA Basketball is on board with calling Anthony and offering him a role. Shams Charania appeared in a video for Stadium and reported that while this pairing has piqued the interest of basketball fans, the United States aren’t planning on reaching out to the 10-time NBA All-Star.

“One player that the basketball community has talked about in terms of an addition is Carmelo Anthony,” Charania says. “He’s one of the best Olympic players of all time, one of the best scorers to ever play in the NBA, so why not bring him back, allow him an opportunity to prove himself? But I’m told Team USA will not go in that direction, will not consider that option.”

Anthony is the only man to have ever won three Olympic gold medals in basketball, is USA Basketball’s leader in career points, rebounds, and games played, and is a two-time USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year. He has as sterling an international resume as a player can boast. Despite this, the organization looks like it is making the decision that even though Anthony has been outstanding on the international stage, his time to play for the team has passed.

Charania mentioned that USA Basketball may add one or two other players between now and the World Cup, but if Anthony ends up playing international ball again, he might have to take up J.J. Barea’s offer to suit up for Puerto Rico.