Velveeta’s Twitter Account Has Some Strong Takes On Basketball Analytics

2020 is a strange place for a variety of reasons, but among them is brand Twitter accounts taking on a very specific voice and firing off strong takes on all manner of things from politics to sports. Sometimes that means that the Steak-Umms Twitter account brings you a painful dose of reality. Sometimes that means Velveeta’s Twitter account decides to fire off some incredibly strong takes on the usefulness and application of analytics in evaluating basketball players.

The latter of those things happened on Monday when Velveeta decided to respond to a tweet asking about an underrated player and fired off a Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf answer that stunned folks.

When asked about Abdul-Rauf’s historically bad career +/-, Velveeta then brought some heat in response to using that and on/off numbers as a metric to judge individual players.

They were not done there, launching a #TrustTheProcessed hashtag that was very clever and bringing some extremely solid takes on analytics, the issues with the GOAT debate, and more.

It all made for an excellent afternoon on Basketball Twitter, but the best idea/take Velveeta had was this.

Make Velveeta’s social media manager commissioner of the NBA or at the very least put them on the competition committee.