Victor Wembanyama Did A Shammgod Into A Spin Move For A Layup, Because Of Course He Did

Despite being a hilariously large human, Victor Wembanyama possesses an incredibly tight handle that makes him and absolutely nightmare to guard in 1-on-1 situations. We’ve seen Wembanyama use that handle to do some ridiculous things, and he’s even shown off the ability to do a really good Shammgod dribble, which is a move that not everyone throws out in NBA games, let alone 7’4 guys or rookies.

We got another Wemby Shammgod on Tuesday night during San Antonio’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, and it was extremely good, so we are blogging it. Wembanyama got the ball with Trey Jemison on him, and in an effort to create some space, he did a Shammgod, which would be impressive enough. But then, he pulled off an absolutely wicked spin move into the lane to get a wide open layup.

Let us now balance out this Wembanyama offensive highlight with a Wembanyama defensive highlight. This doesn’t involve him doing anything, and yet it is a highlight, because he blows up a 3-on-1 simply because the Grizzlies were scared of him.

The Spurs ended up winning the game, 102-87, with Wembanyama going for 18 points, seven rebounds, six assists, and seven blocks in 31 minutes of work. Maybe one day we will stop blogging the crazy stuff he does, but I hope we do not.