The Spurs’ Tribute Video To Vince Carter Started With Him Posterizing Tim Duncan

Vince Carter is in the midst of his historic 22nd season in the NBA. The 42-year-old legend now has the longest career in league history, and when the calendar flipped to 2020, he became the only NBA player to play in four different decades. That longevity is truly worth celebrating.

Unfortunately for us, Carter has decided that this season will be his last. So with that in mind, teams around the league have taken the opportunity to honor his many basketball achievements with heartfelt tribute videos and the like as he makes his final stops in NBA cities this season.

The San Antonio Spurs were the latest to host Carter and the visiting Hawks on Friday night, and the video package they put together wasn’t just montage of some of Carter’s best highlights, it was an opportunity for a self-effacing jab as it kicked things off with one of Carter’s early-career jams over none other than Tim Duncan.

The Spurs have historically had a healthy sense of humor about themselves, so it’s not surprising to see them get a good-natured dig at their best player in franchise history. We can expect to see the Vince Carter retirement tour start to ramp up as we approach the second half of the season and he starts making his final trips to arenas around the NBA.