The Warriors Will Attempt To Sign DeAndre Jordan In Free Agency

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Considering the dynasty that the Golden State Warriors have built on the backs of four NBA All-Stars, it would seem surprising that they could be in the market for one of the bigger free agent acquisitions this summer.

But apparently, the rich are hoping to get even richer when the July free agent signing period opens. Marc Stein of The New York Times reported last Friday night that the Warriors will make a push for forward DeAndre Jordan, who along with DeMarcus Cousins make up the best of the bigs on the free agent market this summer.

Jordan will soon be on the free agent market because he opted out of his player option with the Los Angeles Clippers. While the Dallas Mavericks are largely considered to be the favorite to land Jordan, as they had previously attempted to trade for him, Stein laid out what the Warriors would need to have happen to fit him on a team that’s won three of the last four NBA titles.

All of this is heavily couched, of course, and Stein explained that Jordan would have to take a midlevel exception to make it happen in the first place, but it seems the team is genuinely interested in bringing in the former Los Angeles Clipper to add to what’s already a dynasty in Oakland.

The Warriors might be a surprising and unlikely option, and the Mavericks are still likely to sign him no matter what their competition. Multiple people, including Stein, have described Jordan as the Mavericks’ top option in free agency, and the the team’s interest has stretched over years. But others have pointed out, the Warriors have been interested in Jordan in the past.

If Jordan is OK with taking less money, he could join what’s the best situation in basketball for and immediately contend for his first NBA title. It’s a temptation that may be very hard to resist.