Steph Curry Has Made His Stance Clear Regarding A Warriors White House Visit

09.22.17 8 months ago 4 Comments

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There are certain luxuries that one gets as the reigning champion of any of the major sports leagues. Chief among those is the respect and adulation of fans, but also athletes can get access to certain spaces that they might not have previously.

Look at the Golden State Warriors, your NBA champions. Klay Thompson has been not only to China but also was the Grand Marshal of the IndyCar race in Sonoma. Kevin Durant went back home to Maryland to celebrate his title, and chose to clap back at his Twitter haters, whether it be on his account or a burner Twitter account. Stephen Curry had a blast, traveling and visiting Korea.

However, there is one place Curry has decided not to go: The White House. The only unanimous NBA MVP told media on Friday that he wasn’t going to the White House if the invitation was extended. Curry told the media throng that his views hadn’t changed since he initially made the statement a few months ago.

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