Video: Drake & Brian McKnight Sing “Sidepieces” At The ESPYs

Drake did an OK job hosting the ESPYs last night. Maybe his opening monologue wasn’t as ruthless as Norm McDonald‘s in ’98, but he was entertaining to us — specifically with his Lance Cam. Perhaps his bravest choice of the evening came when he launched into the ballad “Sidepices” as a piano tinkled behind him — he was later joined onstage by Brian McKnight — and a room full of professional athletes sat and awkwardly laughed while stealing covert glances at their spouse.

It’s not a flight of fancy to imagine there were more than a few athletes in attendence at last night’s ESPY awards with their own sidepieces, which is what makes Drake’s rendition so funny, squeamishly so for the audience. When McKnight crooned, “Sidepieces, where you at?” Drake acknowledged, “They’re probably in the top balcony.”

Shameless paean to athletic infidelity, sure, but a realistic nod to a subculture that’s always “second best.”

(Video via TheBloodyOwldotcom; H/T BroBible)

Was Drake’s homage inappropriate or appropriately funny?

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